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    TX Bail Bonds isn't a bonding company in itself. Our organization does research on all of the bonding companies in the Dallas/Ft Worth metropolitan including those writing Collin County bail bonds. Although Collin County encompasses a very small percentage of the area within the metro area, there are several arrests every week in which people need a surety bond written. Instead of calling every single Collin bonding company listed in the book, we've made it significantly easier for you to get your friend or loved one out of jail quickly and painlessly.


    We've taken a look at every bonding agent in the area and have listed them on our main website. You'll find that our site is extremely user-friendly and provides the contact information and directions to the top company in the area. For information on Collin County bail bonds, please visit http://txbailbonds.org/collin-county/ and read what we've presented for you. You'll find the contact information for the Collin County Jail, the Sherriff's Department, and more importantly, our recommended bail bond agent in the area.

  • How Collin County Bail Bonds Work

    Any time someone gets arrested in Collin County, Texas, the Sherriff's Department oversees the entire process. While individual cities within the county may be the arresting officers, the defendant will most likely be transferred to the Collin County Jail. It is there that you must post bail for the inmate if you wish to get them out of jail. To see if the person you're looking for is in that facility, visit the Collin County Inmate Search website.


    Once you've verified that the person you're looking for is in the Collin County Jail, you have two options. You can either pay the entire amount of bail yourself to the jail, or you have to hire someone who specializes in Collin County bail bonds. This can either be a bonding company (an agency that specializes in writing surety bonds), or a lawyer that is licensed to write surety bonds in that specific county within Texas.


    If you would like to pay the full amount yourself (also known as a "cash bond"), then you must go to the jail and pay this amount at the bond desk. Here is the contact information:


    Collin County Jail

    4300 Community Ave, McKinney, TX 75071

    (972) 547-5200

    Choosing to Hire a Collin Bonding Company

    If you don't want to pay the full amount of the bail set by the judge or magistrate in the form of a cash bond, then you have the option to hire a Collin bondsman. The way that this process works is actually pretty simple. Basically, the bonding agent writes an insurance policy on the inmate and gives it to the judge or magistrate. This can also be done at the jail itself. In order for the policy to be enacted, there needs to be a qualified co-signer with a good work history, proof of residence, a valid ID, and proof of income. In some cases where the bail is extremely high, collateral may be required to secure the bond. The bonding company will only charge you a premium to get your friend or loved one out of jail. The amount of the premium can run anywhere between 10%-20% of the bail that was originally set by the judge or magistrate. The exact percentage is dependent on the bonding company's insurance policy, the qualifications of the co-signer, and the flight-risk potential of the inmate.


    If your friend or loved one isn't in the Collin County legal system, you won't be able to use our recommended bonding agent listed on our website, instead you'll need to navigate to that county's page on TxBailBonds.org. If you're looking Tarrant County, Texas bonds, visit tarrantcountybonds.webs.com which is our dedicated site for that specific county. Otherwise, just use our website to find any information you need.

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